About Us



The RBRA will promote a healthy lifestyle for all members of the community through sport and recreation in particular the sport of basketball.

To improve the quality of life for members of the local community.

To provide effective management of the Mike Barnett Sports Complex, creating high quality service for the community.

To provide an ever increasing standard of family entertainment.


To allow all age groups within the community the opportunity to play indoor sports in particular basketball at a level commensurate to their level of skill in such a manner that they will enjoy the sport and be willing to participate in a sportsman like manner.

To provide players with personal development opportunities with programmes designed to raise skill levels to enable each such person to progress to the next level of competition.


To continually establish and maintain an effective administration, resulting in the growth of all business conducted with in the RBRA.

To maximise revenues and minimize expenditure to ensure capital purchases and outstanding debt repayments. Develop monthly budget and reporting systems for proper business planning and for the review of both Rockingham City Council and the RBRA Board of Directors.

To maximise business and social relations so that the RBRA can establish and maintain a high profile amongst the elite sporting organizations.


  1. To manage and operate a high standard junior and senior domestic competition as well as WABL junior and SBL and Division One Rockingham Flames teams.
  2. To operate WABL and SBL Rockingham Flames teams in a manner, which provides opportunities to elite athletes in a manner, which is sustainable and does not diminish the financial position of the RBRA.
  3. To promote active, working relationships with key stakeholders in the Mike Barnett Sports Complex and develop mutually beneficial outcomes.
  4. To develop a sustainable management agreement with the City of Rockingham which allows the RBRA to reduce current levels of debt to Council while addressing the high maintenance costs associated with the complex building structure and fixtures.